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Why the BoreAll tool?

We are currently expanding the Tools we offer to our contractor base.

We offer Torches, Meters, Pipe Tools, etc....

We will be offering more tools as we expand, if there is something you would like to see please just send us an email. 

Why break up hard surfaces to install conduit or run line when you can bore under it in a fraction of the time and cost? The hand-held BoreAll tool will allow one man to quickly install up to 60 foot + runs of conduit.

Where do you sell your product? 
We sell our product both in the US and internationally.

How far can I bore with the BoreAll tool?
It’s capable of boring up to 60 feet or longer under any concrete or asphalt improvements —- including sidewalks, driveways, golf cart paths, patios and even streets. While we recommend and have tested the unit up to 60 feet, many users have told use they have completed bore shots of 100 feet or more!

How long does it take to bore a hole?
BoreAll drills holes fast. One user clocked himself boring 6 feet in 5 minutes. Another says 4 feet per minute! It usually takes more time to prep the hole than it does to bore through. With that much time saved – you can schedule many other jobs in the same week! Also, a 2” hole can usually accommodate more than one conduit or pipe.

You talk about savings. Savings over what?
BoreAll saves you money, pays for itself! One user says he saved $3,000 to $4,000 in one year by not having to hire a specialist with the Case Trencher. Another says it saved his customer the expense of cutting and patching his patio which totaled $550. Such savings will make your service much more reasonably priced and competitive. 

What about maintenance?
BoreAll is durable and rebuildable. The bits are made from super tough steel that’s engineered to be self-sharpening. Many users never sharpen the bit or oil the tool. Yet it keeps right on working. As a result of its low maintenance it’s ideal for use by a crew. If something should happen, all parts are readily available and easily replaced.

How portable is it?
BoreAll is compact and lightweight. Weighing only 3 ½ pounds, you can take it anywhere and you won’t have to cart around a large clumsy machine that requires you dig a great big hole. It is the only boring device that’s small enough to get into lots of tight spaces. 

Does it work in all kinds of soils?
BoreAll works in loam, hard clay, loose rock, and gravel. It just “jiggles” aside small rocks (smaller than a football) and will cut or move aside roots.

What angles can I bore?
BoreAll can bore at any angle in any direction with true target accuracy. With the use of a simple torpedo level, you can make sure you will bore in the direction and angle you need. 

How many people are needed to operate the tool?
BoreAll is a one man operation. The tool’s small size and weight makes the tool ideal for just one person to use. There is very little training needed. Within minutes anyone can become an expert on boring under sidewalks, driveways, and other objects.

BoreAll is quick to setup. Most prep work is 15 minutes or less. Combined with easy boring, most of your jobs can be completed in a hour or less.

BoreAll eliminates the drudgery of digging! No more trenching, backfilling, or surface repair to walks, patios, driveways or street. No more damage to lawn, shrubs and trees.